Contest Prep

Contest Prep (meal prep)

Are you looking into bodybuilding? “We Build Champions” On The Move Fitness is your place for competition prep ON and OFF-season needs. From first-time competitors to seasoned pros or people just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. On The Move Fitness has helped athletes on and off the stage. Through training, nutrition, and consistency, both Rick and Liz are dedicated to helping their clients.


No matter which physique division you choose, at On The Move Fitness, we will create a custom training program specifically for your body and your needs. Step-by-step guiding you through every exercise, every set so you can reach your full potential fast!

Prices for prep are as follows:

6 week Prep =$ 500 with 2 training sessions
8 week Prep =$700 with 4 training sessions
10 week prep = $900 with 6 training sessions
12 week prep = $1,200 with 12 training sessions
14 week prep = $1,500 with 15 training sessions
16 week prep =$1,800 with 20 training sessions
18 week prep =$2,200 with 24 training sessions
20 week Prep =$2,600 with 30 training sessions

Without training just online coaching / monitoring and configuration

$150 per month + $25 per check-in FaceTime, Skype etc

Show plan alone 1 time fee of $350. That includes DIAL IN the last week….but no monitoring.